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Bovet is a historic Swiss watchmaker founded in Fleurier and Canton, China in 1822, but failed in the 1950s and was resurrected as an independent watch brand in 1997.
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About Bovet

Bovet's roots go back to 1822, the year Swiss watchmaker Édouard Bovet founded the company in London. Until the beginning of the 20th century, Bovet focused on the Chinese market. Producers received awards for these efforts. This is due to the Cantonese version of the brand name Bo Wei. It has been used as a synonym for premium watches for many years.

The Bovet brand has changed hands many times. It is currently led by Pascal Raffy, who took the reins in 2001 under his direction. The manufacturer specializes in producing high-quality, complex watches inspired by the creations of the company's founder.

Fleurier Collection

The Fleurier collection showcases artistic timepieces. At the end of 2023, Bovet offers 12 Fleurier models, divided into sub-collections Virtuoso, Monsieur Bovet, Orbis Mundi, 19Thirty and Miss Audrey.

All Fleurier models have a crown above 12 o'clock, with an arc around it. The crown also serves as a crown protector. Amadeo watches can be transformed from a wristwatch to a pocket or table watch without additional tools. Simply remove the watch band using the push-and-click system on the pocket watch band. If you want to convert the clock into a desktop clock All you have to do is fold the ring-shaped base away from the back of the watch and set it down.

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