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Jaquet Droz watch brand
The company is named after Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721-1790), a famous Neuchâtel watchmaker. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a brilliant manufacturer of watches, clocks and so-called “Automatons”, mechanically driven characters. These machines were legendary world famous, and their inventor was almost burned at the stake for alleged witchcraft. A new watch company named Jaquet Droz SA existed in the mid-20th century to no great renown. The firm dissolved in 1963.
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Jaquet Droz

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About Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz is a Swiss luxury watch brand with more than two centuries of history. The company was founded by Pierre. Jaquet-Droz was founded in 1738 and is famous for producing exquisite clocks that combine intricate mechanical craftsmanship with artistic design.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz is a master watchmaker known for his outstanding skill and creativity. He founded a workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Switzerland and quickly gained recognition for his intricate and beautiful watches.

Jaquet Droz is famous for his automata. It is a mechanical device that showcases the brand's ingenuity and technical ability. These automata include animated scenes, singing birds, and intricate mechanical dolls. which was highly sought after by the nobility and royal courts of Europe.

The brand's watches are also highly coveted for their mechanical excellence and artistic beauty. Jaquet Droz incorporates delicate enamel dials. Intricate hand-carved design and miniature drawings on their watches. They are often inspired by nature, fairy tales and celestial themes.

In the modern era, Jaquet Droz was revived in 2000 by the Swatch Group, which bought the brand. Since then, Jaquet Droz has continued to uphold its legacy. Ready to launch a new model of watch that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

Jaquet Droz Watches

Today, Jaquet Droz presents several outstanding collections that capture the essence of the brand:

Grande Seconde: Inspired by 18th century pocket watch designs, the Grande Seconde collection features a unique dial layout with two overlapping subdials in the shape of a figure eight. It has become one of the brand's most iconic and recognizable designs.

Automata: Paying homage to its historical heritage, Jaquet Droz has created limited edition automata watches that feature animated scenes and the occasional mechanical wonder. It showcases the brand's expertise in traditional craftsmanship.

Ateliers d'Art: Jaquet Droz is known for his exquisite artistry in dial decoration. The Ateliers d'Art collection offers decorative techniques such as enamel, small hand painting, and hand painting. And Grand feu enamel makes for a beautiful and unique watch.

Jaquet Droz continues to produce great watches. It combines a complex mechanical movement with artistic craftsmanship. Brand commitment to tradition creativity and innovations have reinforced the brand's position as a recognized and sought-after name in the world of luxury watchmaking.

นาฬิกา jaquet droz
นาฬิกา jaquet droz
นาฬิกา jaquet droz
นาฬิกา jaquet droz

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