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In 1980 the Italian Carlo Crocco founded the watch manufacturer MDM Genève. He developed a watch in a style not seen so far: The luxury housing was made ​​of gold held with 12 titanium screws, and the bracelet was in black rubber. According to the shape of the watch it was called "Hublot" (French for porthole).
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About Hublot

Since the inception of the brand, Hublot hasn’t been afraid to be different. The unique innovations and distinctive designs captured in these timepieces are what set this brand apart from more traditional watchmakers. Thanks to the efforts of Jean-Claude Biver in the 2000s, the maverick quality of Hublot watches is something that has caught the eye of consumers, as well as celebrities and sports superstars, such as Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt – the world’s fastest man, and even powerhouse couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. In fact, the rapper turned businessman has even forged a collaboration with Hublot, launching limited edition and dual-branded Shawn Carter by Hublot Classic Fusion watches. This kind of partnership is just one example of how Hublot is paving a new path in the world of luxury watches.

History of Hublot Watches

Hublot is a new watch brand compared to some of the other luxury names. Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco in Nyon, Switzerland, the innovative brand is recognized for its distinct designs, unusual material combinations, and impeccable craftsmanship. During the same year Crocco released his first watches under the Hublot brand, it was declared to be the “watch of European Royalty,” which was an accomplishment that few others could match. Crocco had a mission with the founding of Hublot – to make a mark outside of his family’s well-known watch company, Binda. He eventually found his unique style by creating material synergies with a fusion of elements that were considered “unconventional” in the watchmaking industry during that time. The most unique element used, the natural rubber strap, is now ubiquitous for sports watches, but it’s popularity only emerged after Hublot’s pioneering usage. Interestingly, Hublot released the first ever gold watch on a rubber strap — the same piece also debuted the brand’s iconic bezel and screws which were inspired by a ship’s porthole.
นาฬิกา hublot
นาฬิกา hublot
นาฬิกา hublot
นาฬิกา hublot

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