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Siam Watch Club provides a service for buying watches at the price you are most satisfied with, no pressure on prices, quick price evaluations. and can also trade and exchange watches Be confident in our service because we have been open for more than 10 years. The shop buys both new and second-hand watches. Whether it's a well-known watch brand such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, Omega, Panerai, until outside luxury watch brands from all over the world.


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Easy Steps To Sell Your Watch

We buy your watch at your location. You can sell watches even at home. Get a quick price estimate with a professional team.


Add Line

Contact the shop via Line to make it easier to communicate


Provide Details

Prepare information, pictures of watches, equipment, and other flaws.


Get Paid

Agree on the price and make an appointment to deliver the watch with cash.

There are many ways to sell your watches. ...but in which way? right for you?

1. Walking to peddling in a watch shop in a famous department store, the price may be pressed because the storefront has a high cost, has to make a profit, may be subject to various complaints about the watch. Some of you may feel embarrassed or spoiled. little face

2. Go to the pawn shop that buys watches. It has the advantage of being able to buy back plus interest if you just need the money temporarily. But if you want to sell for sure, most will get below the market price.

3. Sell the watch to a friend or relative. This method is the best way. Because selling directly to users should get a good price. Both sides like each other. and less loss than other methods

4. Posting for sale on various second-hand websites This method is to measure your luck, if you meet good customers, you will be lucky, but if you meet them, you will have a headache.

If the above method is not the answer! But you want it to be safe, fast, and confident that we'll give you the best possible price.
Sell watches with the Siam Watch Club, complete in one place.

Welcome to give advice for customers who are interested in selling watches, buying second-hand watches of all brands.


Give a good price

Sincere with the standard, we have a 'no pressure' market appraisal policy and most importantly, we 'No pressure on customers' if you haven't got the price you're comfortable with, whether it's a small or large trader. We provide prices that are of equal standard.



You can talk and ask questions to find the best answer from us anytime. virtual chatting with friends But the information you receive will be accurate. In order to benefit from the sale of this watch as much as possible


Buy a watch on the spot

We are ready to provide both a secure storefront. or an onsite meeting at the convenience of the customer don't waste time Losing feelings to sell at various stores or pawn shops Price Estimate

Buy watches from all leading brands. No budget limit. Buy and sell watches with fairness.

*Only buy genuine high-end brand-name watches As the brand example above

**The store does not accept purchases. counterfeit watch common fashion brands or watches that cost thousands (< ฿10,000), which the shop does not have expertise

Step 1

Add Line at Siam Watch Club and prepare information about your second-hand watch such as brand, model, year of manufacture, year of purchase, watch condition, etc. and take photos of the watch you want to sell. Front and back of the case, bracelet, various defects, and equipment (every detail does not have to be complete. But if you have more complete details, it will help the shop price the watch more quickly and accurately.)

Step 2

Send watch information to the shop for a preliminary price estimate. At this stage, you can discuss and ask for additional information. And you can inform us of the price of the watch you want. Or if you just want to check the price of your watch, what is the current market price of the watch? The shop is happy to provide a free price estimate. There are no costs or obligations.

Step 3.

Once the shop has completed the price evaluation of the watch, the price will be sent to the customer for consideration. If you are satisfied with the price You can make an appointment to check the actual watch and equipment at your convenient location. Or you can come to the Siam Watch Club store by making an appointment in advance. The shop has a convenient location. and safe and private, suitable for buying and selling watches

Step 4.

If everything is in order as agreed upon You can receive cash at the appointed location. Even with our on-site watch buying service, we will try our best to facilitate this watch purchase.


The Siam Watch Club shop is happy to provide price appraisal services. Free watch valuation without any hidden costs. and can also quickly evaluate the price of watches 

Generally, the shop will take approximately no more than 24 hours (speed depends on the information and picture of the watch provided to the shop. (Most of them will be completed within an hour.) The important part used in estimating the price of a watch depends on how complete the information the customer provides, such as the condition of the watch, year of manufacture, and various accessories that come with the watch.

The shop buys genuine second-hand watches of all brands, all luxury watch brands from around the world. High-end watches covering all brands In any condition Both with a box and leaves Empty watch Not many damaged watches Or there are traces of use. However, there are some types of watches that the shop does not have expertise in, such as general fashion brands that cost thousands.

The watch box, warranty card, manual, and various accessories that come with the watch when purchased from the Boutique will help to make the price assessment of the watch more accurate. Can increase the price of the watch And greatly increases the reliability of your second-hand watch. But there may or may not be any.

Siam Watch Club does not charge a fee in the case of on-site watch purchase service. (The appointment location is subject to agreement. There may be cases where an appointment will be required to have the watch thoroughly inspected. It takes more time) For the convenience of those who want to sell watches, you can inquire and send pictures of basic details. To make an appointment

There are some brands of watches that the store has no expertise in and cannot therefore evaluate prices as follows:

  1. Gucci, Guess, Michael Kors, Swarovski
  2. Casio, G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice, Citizen, Orient, 

Buy watches, trade watches for the best prices.

We Buy Your Watch At The Best Price

The shop buys new and used watches from leading brands and high-end brands. Mainstream watch brands like Rolex , Patek Phillipe , Audemars Piguet (AP) , Vacheron Constantin (VC) , Cartier , Omega In addition, we also buy a variety of luxury watch brands. Covers almost every watch brand such as ...

A Lange & Sohne, Azimuth, Bell & Ross, Blancpain, Breguet, Breiting, Bvlgari , Chanel , Chopard, Corum, Franck Muller, Jaeger Lecoultre (JLC), Frederiquue Constant , Gerald Genta, Girard Perregaux, Glashutte Original, Grand Seiko, Hamilton, Hublot, HYT, IWC, Jacob & Co, Jacquet Droz, Jaeger Lecoultre, Longines, Maurice Lacroix, Oris, Panerai, Parmigiani, Piaget, Porsche Design, Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Ulysse Nardin, Zenith and many other watch brands

Buy all Rolex models

Buy all models of Rolex watches, both women's watches and men's watches.

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รับซื้อ Rolex Day Date
rolex datejust
รับซื้อ Rolex Datejust
rolex submariner
รับซื้อ Rolex Submariner
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รับซื้อ Rolex GMT
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รับซื้อ Rolex Daytona
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รับซื้อ Rolex Explorer

Buy all AP models

Buy all models of Audemars Piguet watches, both women's watches and men's watches.

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รับซื้อ AP Code 11.59
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รับซื้อ AP Jules
audemars piguet MILENNARY
รับซื้อ AP Millennary
audemars piguet royal oak
รับซื้อ AP Royal Oak
audemars piguet royal oak offshore
รับซื้อ AP Off Shore
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รับซื้อ AP Classique

Buy all Patek models

Buy all models of Patek Philippe watches, both women's watches and men's watches.

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รับซื้อ Patek Nautilus
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รับซื้อ Patek Aquanuant
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รับซื้อ Patek Calatrava
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รับซื้อ Patek Complications
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รับซื้อ Patek Gondolo
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รับซื้อ Patek Grand Complications

Buy all Omega models

Buy all models of Omega watches, both women's watches and men's watches.

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รับซื้อ Omega Speedmaster
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รับซื้อ Omega Seamaster
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รับซื้อ Omega Railmaster
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รับซื้อ Omega Planet Ocean
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รับซื้อ Omega Constellation

Buy all Cartier models

Buy all models of Cartier watches, both women's watches and men's watches.

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รับซื้อ Cartier Tank
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รับซื้อ Omega Santos
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รับซื้อ Cartier Ronde
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รับซื้อ Cartier Pasha
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รับซื้อ Cartier Calibre
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รับซื้อ Cartier Ballon Bleu

Buy All Panerai Watch

Buy all models of Panerai watches, both women's watches and men's watches.

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รับซื้อ Panerai Radiomir
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รับซื้อ Panerai Mare
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รับซื้อ Panerai Luminor
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รับซื้อ Panerai Due
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รับซื้อ Panerai Submersible