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Named after John Arnold, an 18th-century English watchmaker known for his ingenuity and work with marine chronographs, Arnold & Son continues his legacy. It explores contemporary ways of interpreting traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. The production facility is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
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About Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son is a historic British brand that was rebooted by Swiss watch company The British Masters before being acquired by La Joux-Perret. It is now part of the Citizen Group following the purchase of Prothor by that company. It is La Joux-Perret that was restructured in 2013.

The British Masters

The idea behind the concept of The British Masters is to commemorate the tradition of the great British watchmakers George Graham (1673-1751) and John Arnold (1736-1799). The first collection of “Graham” and “Arnold & Son” was launched on the market in 1998. Arnold & Son combines British heritage with Swiss watchmaking. and is a subsidiary of Graham.

Arnold & Son's History

John Arnold was an English watchmaker and inventor.

John Arnold was the first to design a practical and accurate watch. and also brought the word “chronometer” has come to be used in the modern sense This means a precision timer. His technical advances made it possible to produce marine chronometers for use on ships starting around 1782. Their basic design has been preserved. With slight modifications, remaining unchanged until the end of the 20th century, including being one of the inventors of the modern mechanical clock together with One of Abraham-Louis Breguet's most important inventions was the overcoil balance spring. It is still used in most mechanical wristwatches.

Around 1770, Arnold developed a portable, precision timer. But compared to Harrison's complex and expensive watches, Arnold's basic design was simple. At the same time, it is consistently accurate and mechanically reliable. Importantly, the relatively simple and original movement design allows for volume production at a reasonable price. At the same time, it makes maintenance and modification easier.

Arnold & Son Watch Moonphase
Arnold & Son Watch Skeleton Tourbillon
Arnold & Son Watch World Time
Arnold & Son Watch Tourbillon

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